Bazan Group Invests in Sustainable Manufacturers, Feelit Technologies.

Bazan Group is investing in Feelit as part of its strategic green business strategy. Feelit is an Industry 4.0 company in Predictive Maintenance, which is integral for sustainable, smart manufacturing. By automatically alerting to predict failures in real-time, Feelit prevents unscheduled downtime and contributes to the efficient use of resources by ensuring optimum system availability.

Henkel and Continental, German world leading manufacturers, are Feelit strategic partners that invested in Feelit.

Takwin labs is an Israeli VC that also invested in Feelit.

Bazan will contribute to Feelit by carrying out pilots in its facilities to help develop suitable products for the refining and petrochemical industry while providing information and extensive engineering knowledge.

Meanwhile, Feelit will help Bazan develop products that reduce failures and save operating costs through the predictive and preventive maintenance of various facilities and systems.

Current pilots exist in five Bazan facilities, and four products are in development ̶ valves, steam traps, heat exchangers, and pipes.

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