About Takwin

Takwin is a venture capital fund, making early-stage investments in hi-tech companies run by Arab entrepreneurs in Israel. We nurture the startup spirit in the Arab Israeli communities and empower Arab entrepreneurs to build successful companies. Founded by Imad Telhami, Takwin is a unique and first-of-its-kind cooperative venture between Israel’s two largest funds – Pitango (run by Chemi Peres) and JVP (run by Dr. Erel Margalit).

We are the first VC located in the northern region of Israel, and Takwin is the first venture infrastructure created for northern entrepreneurs and startups. With a proactive investment approach, we help brilliant entrepreneurs build their companies even prior to investment. By providing help with the business plan, product, strategy, and more,  we aim to harness our know-how of the startup journey and embark on that journey with our entrepreneurs.


Takwin’s vision is to be a platform for innovative Arab technologists to create substantial transformation in various fields such as autonomous vehicles, agriculture,  seismology, nanotechnology, and more.

We strive to always remain open to new ideas by brilliant people, and to offer our services to the technology change-makers of tomorrow.

See the wonderful work and products our companies are creating using Takwin’s services: Takwin Funds, Takwin Labs, Takwin Consult.


Focused on cutting-edge technologies, generating major transformation in various fields such as autonomous vehicles, agriculture, seismology, and more. Whether it is nanotechnology, machine learning or AI, we are open to any idea created by brilliant entrepreneurs dreaming of making a change. Takwin is a journey enabler, bringing smart money, a worldwide networking platform and the best minds and experts in Israel to assist any company in our portfolio.

Alongside our investments, we created Takwin Labs. Located at our headquarters in Haifa, Takwin Labs offers cutting-edge space for our companies and hosts them at different stages.  This unique combination with our proactive investment approach creates extraordinary leverage for our companies, and complements their needs.

We are always open for new enablers to join us in transforming ecosystems