We enable the next generation of Arab Israeli entrepreneurs to accelerate from high potential to high growth - by enabling them to dream, dare, compete and deliver


Takwin is the Haifa-based VC firm championing high-tech Arab start-ups in Israel and enabling them to accelerate their transition from high potential to high growth.

Founded in 2017 by Imad Telhami, Takwin Labs represents a first-of-its-kind cooperative venture between Israel’s most prominent VCs, Pitango Venture Capital and Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP). By fostering an established Arab presence in Israel’s high-tech industry, Takwin seeks to create a strong foundation for Arab-Israelis to contribute to “Start-up Nation,” and bolster Israel both socially and economically.

Takwin empowers the next generation of Arab-Israeli entrepreneurs to “Dare, Dream, Compete, and Deliver” through its Takwin 1 and Takwin 2 funds. These funds offer early-stage startups a combination of monetary support, office space, research assistance, and connections to invaluable professional networks. Its growing portfolio includes game-changing businesses such as SOOS, OvoTech, and Imagry.


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Takwin’s vision is to be a platform for innovative Arab technologists to create substantial transformation in various fields such as autonomous vehicles, agriculture, seismology, nanotechnology, and more. We strive to always remain open to new ideas by brilliant people, and to offer our services to the technology change-makers of tomorrow.

See the wonderful work and products our companies are creating using Takwin’s services: Takwin Funds, Takwin Labs, Takwin Consult.


Focused on cutting-edge technologies, generating major transformation in various fields such as autonomous vehicles, agriculture, seismology, and more. Whether it is nanotechnology, machine learning or AI, we are open to any idea created by brilliant entrepreneurs dreaming of making a change. Takwin is a journey enabler, bringing smart money, a worldwide networking platform and the best minds and experts in Israel to assist any company in our portfolio.

Alongside our investments, we created Takwin Labs. Located at our headquarters in Haifa, Takwin Labs offers cutting-edge space for our companies and hosts them at different stages. This unique combination with our proactive investment approach creates extraordinary leverage for our companies, and complements their needs.