Soos is a remarkable company, helping the egg industry determine egg gender in the hatching stage.  Based on advanced research, the company’s technology controls changing environmental conditions during the hatching process to determine gender without harming eggs, chicks or humans.

The objective of the egg industry is to produce edible eggs, meaning female chickens. Since male chickens are of no value to the industry and 50% of all day-old chicks worldwide are male, egg companies face ethical challenges, high economic costs and environmental issues.

Soos aims to reduce and prevent the extermination of roughly 7.3 billion day-old chicks every year.

Managment team

  • Nashat Haj Mohamad – Founder
  • Yael Alter – CEO

R&D team

  • Prof. Avigdor Cahaner – Scientific Director
  • Tal Benyamin – Software Engineer
  • Itzik Avital- Professional Grower
  • Dr. Dan vilenchik – Big Data developer
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