SeismicAI, founded in 2014, is a provider of innovative earthquake early warning systems (EEW) for mitigating earthquake damage in business and civil organizations.

The company's patented regional algorithms utilize local sensors to issue real-time accurate alerts anywhere in the world.

By enabling more time for preventive actions, whether triggered automatically or performed manually, SeismicAI solutions support business continuity, enabling extensive financial savings for the organization. They help reduce injuries and casualties, mitigate insurance risk, prevent fires, explosions and environmental damage, potentially reducing non-structural damage by up to 50%.

SeismicAI is the only company in the field covered by a performance guarantee, backed by a world-leading reinsurance company.

The system covers the full early warning cycle - from monitoring and detection, through alerts, to triggering automated preventive actions and post-event reports.

SeismicAI early warning technology was developed by leading seismologic experts and business professionals.

Managment team

  • Benny Sasson, CEO
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