Feelit present “RetroFeel” with Amazon, Siemens and Ham-Let group at Hannover Messe

“We had the privilege to introduce our new product “RetroFeel” with leading companies such as Amazon, Siemens and Ham-Let group at the International Conference Hannover Messe” said Gady Konvalina, CEO of FeelIt 

Hannover Messe, the leading conference for industry innovation, gathers the best companies, the most innovative developments and sets the milestones for the future evolution of the industry.

FeelIt, one of our leading Nanotechnology portfolio companies, has invented nanotechnology-based smart and flexible sensors. The sensors are capable of precisely sensing the abnormal temperature, humidity and structural state of the material.

At the conference, the company’s team members introduced “RetroFeel” FeelIt’s new product, which can be affixed as a sticker on existing equipment or embedded in new equipment to monitor the state of the equipment in order to maintain and predict failures. In fact, in a few simple steps, FeelIt can transform a factory into a digital one and significantly reduce product cost, maintenance and operational cost.

FeelIt presented an example of a smart valve developed in cooperation with the Ham-Let Group valves company at Siemens booth in Amazon’s main pavilion. “In a jointed effort with Ham-Let Group, the “RetroFeel” was integrated with Siemens cloud Mind-Sphere, open IoT operating platform, connecting industrial equipment to the Internet. Amazon’s cloud is hosting Siemens’ platform.